Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My OCD boy.....

I've discoverd my little guy is OCD.. He is really into the number 2 so anytime he asks for something he wants 2 of them. And I'm seeing that he is really into having things in a nice order. He cracks me up with the things he does. He is so fun. So here are a few of the pics I've taken of the way he likes to organize things.

Carter was playing in the sink while I was cleaning and I noticed he kept taking spoons out of the drawer well I left to come back and find all the spoons in a nice order.

We have a mini fridge downstairs and we have put some drinks in there. I came downstairs one day to notice he had taken all the drinks out and put them on the table. Cracks me up.

Yesterday we were playing in the toy room and he wanted all the cars out so we took them out and he proceded to line them up in a nice order and then he wanted to count them.

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