Friday, August 20, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

While Nate is off in Saudi we are trying to do some fun things to pass the time so today for Boston's b-day we went to Chuck E Cheese. I haven't been to the new one in Layton. The kids had fun and it was nice that all the games and such are only 1 token. It was fun that they had things that took your picture too.

Our fun little family picture..

Camden taking a ride with good ol' Chuck...

Carter's turn with Chuck..

OH yeah.. These cards are awesome. I love Camden's face in this one. It turned out so funny, and getting the Stunt Master card made it great.

Carter was so funny we had to hold him up to try and take this he didn't understand to just sqaut a little bit so he could be in the pic.

And of course Preston was looking at the camera till it counted to 1 and then he turned his head.

And hey I got the CSI card.. You didn't get to pick your cards you just go to pick if you wanted a boy or girl card. But I think they turned out great.

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Heather said...

so freaking cute!!!!! I love all the pics!!!! You make a pretty good lookin CSI agent!