Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Tradition

Take a look at this door, it seems like just another ordinary door right? Well everynight around 5:40 something special happens with this door. As soon as we hear the garage open I have 2 little boys who run and hide and wait for a special person to open the door.
Nate always walks in and will say "We are the kids" and of course I reply "Oh they ran away or they are playing in the bedroom"

And then "WHAM" he opens the door to find his 2 little boys so excited to see him and hiding in the dark.
We just find it so funny, and they love doing this every chance they get. Couldn't resist taking some pictures of my 2 funny little boys.

1 comment:

Trichelle said...

Oh I love it!! They are so cute, Nate has got to love 5:40 each day. And while I was reading the dialog part I could totally hear both of your voices.