Tuesday, March 3, 2009


3/3/09: Man I know my little guy is getting big when he gets to go to the dentist. Yep that is right!! I've taken him before with me, just so he can get used to seeing what is done. But today he had his first appointment. And let me tell you he was so big. He didn't fuss or anything. They cleaned his teeth, checked everything out. And even put floride on his teeth. I think he actually had a pretty good time with it. He does have to go back next month to have a little thing filled, but man I'm so proud of how he acted today. And it's nice to see him growing into such a little man.

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Trichelle said...

Oh wow! Is it really that time already? I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to things like that. But I guess they are growing big and instead of dread it I should just embrace it.