Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 mo and finally crawling!! (trying anyways)

My little guy is finally attempting to crawl!! He is so fun!! He turned 9mo yesterday and I got him to crawl 4/5 times and then this morning I thought I'd see what he could do. What a cutie!! He'll be all over the place in no time!! And Yeah he has his second tooth in too!!


Vause Family said...

Love that kid!

Trichelle said...

Oh WOW!! How stinking cute. I love the bribe...PEPSI, awesome

hadfam5 said...

You know if that was a coke he would of been up running for it, give that a try next time haha. I can't believe he is that grown up, my how time has gone by. You have such handsome boys, get the ball rolling for that little girl lol