Thursday, October 23, 2008

Camden's been Tagged!!!

I am so new to this blogging thing, that I'm laughing that Camden got tagged!! Thanks Trichelle!!

5 fun facts about Camden that you may not know, or maybe you do know.

1. Camden keeps me and Nate laughing every day, he is always saying the funniest thing. The other day I was putting my makeup on and he said why do you have to put your makeup on and I said so I can look pretty for daddy. I then asked If I looked pretty (**note before the makeup was on) and first he said yes and then he said well your face doesn't. Just made me laugh.

2. Camden gets a little obsessed about things. A few of them right now are Bears, Beer, and Death I'm not sure why he bets obsessed about certain things but he does, and every night we have to lie in bed and talk about things, he is such a curious little boy. So his uncle drinks beer and one day he said to me Kevin likes beer uh? And I said yes he does and Camden then said but he drinks water too and I said yes and then Camden replies he only drinks beer when he's thirsty. Cracked me up.

3. Camden loves to go camping, fishing and riding. He thinks he is old enough for his own motorcycle so good luck to us. Not only does Camden love fishing but he loves to eat the fish. I don't know many little kids who will eat fish after they have seen it caught, killed, and cooked but man my little man just loves it. Camden also loves his garden he loves to help us water it and pull the veggies. In fact I can't get him to eat much stuff but if it is out of our garden then he loves it. Don't really know many kids who loves beets and spinach. Camden also loves to hang out with his cousin and his grandparents, I've never meet a little kid who loved to sleep over at his grandparents. Camden asked daily if he can sleep over at Bunna & Papa's or at Grandpa's and Grandma's.

4. Camden loves to help out around the house. He loves to Dust and use the windex. He also loves to help me and Nate cook. He wants to pour the ingredients in, stir and do everything that we do. He is also Daddy's big helper, if Nate is out in the garage working then Camden has to be right there and trying to help.

5. Camden loves his new little brother. He just can't get enough of him. He want to be the big helper and can't wait till Carter is old enough to wrestle. He is always saying Carter loves me and I say back yes he does. Although about a month ago he did not want to hold Carter for pictures and he was saying how he wishes he wasn't the big brother. So I'm trying to explain how special it is that he is the big brother and I'm tying to list other kids who are the big brother and I happen to mention one of his friends but in saying well Trevor is a big brother but he doesn't have a little brother he has a little sister. And right then Camden shouts out I want Carter to be a girl. Made me laugh.

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