Monday, June 18, 2012

Bear Lake 1/2 Marathon.....

Bucket List: Have Sister make me run 1/2 Marathon: CHECK...

I know I posted months ago how I was training for a 1/2 marathon and train I did.. Man what a job that is.. You have to run 4 times a week run longer each week and still try to be mom/wife/cook/maid at the same time.. haha.. What a great accomplishment I felt when I finished running the race.. It was very emotional and I'm sure I'll do it again..

 Me and Heather at the pool day before the race..

Top pic is of us gals on the bus, and then bottom is us waiting for the race to start..

Done.. I did it.. 2 hours 28 mins..

So proud..

My family..

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*Lindsay* said...

So proud of you all!!! Next year I will have to run that w/ y'all and y'all will have to run the Odgen one with me!