Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marsh Lake 2011

We love Marsh Lake... So earlier this year when we tried to book reservations at Marsh lake they didn't have anything open that we wanted so we thought we would try somewhere else. So we booked up mirror lake highway. Well due to the snow we've had this year. They pretty much canceled our reservations up at Trial Lake and left us now where to go and gave us only a week notice.. So we figured we would try and get some first come sites at Marsh.. We were able to get three sited and even though we weren't right by each other we still had a blast.. And yes we camp from Sunday to Sunday.. And yes I was so ready to come home by the next Sunday..

Our wonderful view from our trailer..

The view from the lake.. LOL Our home away from home for a week.

We usually do the same things at Marsh.. First things first is you gotta go cut wood and then spend the day chopping it.

Second.. You gotta get those four wheelers unloaded and give the kids a ride.. Preston wanted a ride so bad he's just a little to small still. And they all love grandpa's little red four wheeler.

Third.. You have to go fishing.. We (well they) did pretty good this year they caught a bunch at the lake and then they caught some albino fish down at Stateline..

Fourth.. If you fish then you eat them.. Nate's family love to cook the fish over a fire.. Camden and Carter have never eaten so much food. They love lake/river fish.

Of course with all the wood we chopped the older boys usually do some wood work.. Nate this year carved knifes for the boys and then we painted them. It's their fav toy as of now.

Carter with his knife.

Fifth.. We always take a drive at night to see the wildlife.. This year we loaded up in the grandparents Tahoe and the kids had a blast in the back seat.

Usually every night we had deer in our campground. Yep pic taken right at my trailer. This night we only had one and a few nights later we had about 4 deer walking around the area.

Me and Preston got to spend a lot of time together, the older boys we either off riding four wheelers, fishing or bike riding..

Preston thinking he is big stuff wearing a helmet on Carter's bike..

Sixth.. You gotta play some cards.. We didn't have too much rain up camping this year which was great but when we did its always nice to go inside and break out some games..

Preston thinking he is big stuff driving the truck.. The bugs were pretty bad so on our hike me and Preston came back early.

Seventh... You gotta go on some cool drives and find some cool stuff on a hike. We love to take a couple hours and go exploring and see whats around. The kids love learning about the wild flowers and smelling them. We found this great place with these super old cabins.. Needless to say I'm thankful for indoor plumbing..

One of the homes we came across. Yeah can't imagine living in that 12 x 12 box with 6 kids and grandparents and who knows what else..

The other home we came across it didn't hold up as well as the other one..

We love Marsh Lake and we love going with Nate's family. My parents even came up for the day and brought my niece and nephew from New Hampshire with them. We had fun and can't wait for next year..

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Heather said...

LOVE the pics!! Preston looks big enough to use a seat belt from now on haha, also the picture with the helmet on his head is so cute, it looks like it is a little too heavy for him. Thanks for posting pics :)