Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The BIG one...

My amazing sister in law made this darling cake for me.. I told her she put the wrong # on though.. I can't honestly be 30 right? Or can I... It seems like just yesterday I was turning 20. How time flies when you have children taking all your time..

The difference from turning 21 to 30...
21: Went out clubbing at 10p.m. to celebrate turning 21
30: Wanted to go to bed at 9 cuz kids were sleeping
21: Slept in and did whatever I wanted on my birthday
30: Was up at 7:15 cuz Carter wanted a Waffle
21: I'm sure I was hanging with my mom getting ready to go to Vegas for my birthday
30: Got a sitter so I could do lunch with some amazing girlfriends
21: Had wonderful dinner/date with boyfriend (weekend before)
30: Had wonderful dinner/date with husband(weekend before, and was with that same guy 9 years before)
21: Had dirty cloths to pick up off floor
30: Had whole house to pick up and take care of 3 kids.
21: Night of Birthday hung out with lots of friends while getting ready to go dancing
30: Going to Del Taco for Taco Tuesday so kids can play
What a difference a few years make. Even though turning 21 was great I was still just a baby. I can now say I've done a few things had a few kids and I'm glad I'm not out every night till 3 a.m. I'm so glad to have such great friends and family. And I'm so glad that 30 is now the new 20....


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! That cake is so cute and fun, I love it. Thanks for posting this, I'm having a crisis about turning 30 in August. So glad you had a fun birthday.

Linda said...

Happy Happy Birthday!You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so lucky to have an amazing and wonderful family and people around you making it extra more special! Aaaw, I so love the cake!