Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet means TROUBLE

So this is the picture that was taking possible 10 minutes ago. While me and Nate were reserving Camp sites. (Yes that is right we are already planning). I thought the kids were being good watching tv, when Camden comes in and has this grin on his face and tells me he is hungry and would like me to get him an egg. Then Carter comes in and says something, me not understanding his gibberish he leaves and comes back to me with some toliet paper. Me realizing oh oh what has he done. I go into the front room to find his masterpiece.

Isn't he such a doll?


Bre said...

Yes, he is such a doll.

At least it wasn't poop. Brogan painted me a nice masterpiece on the bathroom floor today. He's such a doll too!

Vause Family said...

Agreed. There are worse things to clean up. What little darling devils!