Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye November

November came and gone by so quickly I'm not sure what happened. And I know December will do the same. Here are just some pictures of what went on this November.

Carter was being so funny and thought we could hind behind the blinds. He was cracking me up.

On Thanksgiving day at Nate's parents it was nice enough for the kids to be out and still cold enough that their pond was frozen. So the kids went ice skating.

Carter thought he wanted in on the action but Nate did a good job keeping him off the ice.

Another November another b-day. I celebrated my first annual 29th birthday this year. I'm looking forward to all my annual 29th birthdays from now on.

What was at work for me when I got to work on my birthday. Still enjoying all the candy. It's great to work with such great gals. I'm truly going to miss them.

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