Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year allready?

Man how time flies when you have 2 kids who just keep you running 24/7 and then working and cleaning just take the rest out of ya. I've been meaning to post new pics or post a new years resolution. But by the time I think to do something or have the time Carter is in bed alseep and the computer is in his room. First things first the kids had a wonderful christmas. It was so fun to see Camden reaction to all the great stuff he got. He's since been making a new list for things he wants next time Santa comes. Carter was very good even though he didn't really get what was going on we all know next year we will have a blast.

New Years was fun, we had a friends and family over and played the Wii, and have fun visiting and talking about the good ol' days. We rung in the New Year and Camden was still wide awake so it was fun to give him kisses and hugs. But by 1:30 in the morning when I had to tell Camden "hey I know you don't know what 1:30 a.m. is but kid it's time to go to bed." Needless to say Camden and I fell asleep sometime later on the couch.

The New Year has been great to us, the kids are good and growing big and strong. I can't believe how time flies. Soon my little Carter will be crawling all over and I wont be able to keep track of him. I'm hoping to hopefully spend some time and get some new pics posted and do a bit more bloging. Until then. Thanks to all our friends who are always there for us and help us stive to be better and heres hoping happiness, wealth and love for everyone.

P.S. Is it warm enough yet for camping?

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Trichelle said...

Don't you love that Camden now "gets" what Christmas is all about? LOL!! Ivy keeps asking when Santa is coming and how long a year is. We need to get together again soon. Ivy is still talking about how much fun she had playing with Camden.