Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was finally able to talk Camden into sitting on Santa's lap this year. The past few years he has wanted nothing to do with Santa. I'm thinking this year he is a little more excited. Although last week he did say "He hated Christmas and he didn't want anything for Christmas". Not sure why he was saying that. But I think after sitting on Santa's lap and seeing presents under the tree he is getting excited. Carter was actually pretty good on Santa's lap. Right after the picture was taking I think he realized he was sitting on some stang mans lap cuz then he all of a sudden looked up at Santa and started crying it was so funny.


Trichelle said...

How stinking funny of Camden, is he alright or suffering some brain damage? What kid hates Christmas and doesn't want anything? What a cutie though. I miss you guys.

Vause Family said...

Your boys are so stinkin' cute! Don't you love this snow?